“True compassion is not just an emotional response, it is a firm commitment founded on reason. This real strong and compassionate attitude towards others does not change even if they act negatively. Genuine compassion is not based on our projections and expectations, it is based on the needs of others. The aim is to develop this genuine compassion, this genuine desire for the welfare of others, furthermore, for the welfare of all living beings in the universe. “. S.S el Dalai Lama

We welcome you to Fundación Origen´s web site. The pages here available are the result of a systematic process that summarizes our 25 years of work in the field of holistic education and sustainable development, sharing our successes and learning.

Each year we receive over 5,000 visitors, which include teachers and people involved in the social sphere, who are interested in reproducing our experience as educators and social entrepreneurs.

Through this web site we aim to share our experience with all those who, inspired by what we have learned, feel the call to create similar schools or integrate our methodology in their own realities.

Our hope is that this information will be of help to everyone who strives to build a better world with a more sustainable and inclusive vision, particularly seeking the strengthening of a culture based on peace and on opportunities for those who need them.

We believe it is possible to project more compassionate, respectful and inclusive worlds. We believe that happiness is the pursuit of all beings and that it is possible to methodically cultivate its causes. Our work is inspired by Buddhist values such as compassion, love, equanimity and joy, peace being the axis of our work.

This site is a mirror of our intent, allowing to find and download information on all areas related to our educational model, as well as the history of our development, our management resources, our production projects, outreach activities, innovations and their results.

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