Types of Training

The Foundation has conducted workshops on the “Bodhisattva Peace Training” with different groups and different kinds of people. High school students, teachers, battered women, entrepreneurs, Mapuche leaders, technicians and professionals linked to traditional and complementary medicine, leaders and social entrepreneurs, executives and workers have found in them a deep approach to transform their world view, and shorten the gap between their values ??and experience, to interact with different realities with respect, compassion and wisdom. Meanwhile, companies, public and private institutions have been able to leverage their teams and leaders, a work culture centered on dialogue, respect and responsibility.

The contents and methods covered in the workshop can be treated in other ways, according to the needs of the attending.

  • Motivational talks to schools, companies, government institutions or NGOs.
  • Half or full day training sessions for companies and institutions according to specific objectives.

Some of the groups with whom we have worked are:

Workshops for Socially Vulnerable Women

The workshop conducted by Fundación Origen seeks to accompany women who have experienced episodes of domestic violence, poverty and exclusion in the process of personal transformation, empowerment and preparation to initiate and sustain productive enterprises, or entering the workforce. We intend for women to find safety in themselves, transforming their lives to go beyond the status of “victim” in which they have lived, to the status of  “protagonist” of their own lives.

We have worked with scavenger women from Puente Alto and also with women who have been victims of domestic violence in partnership with the NGO Domos.

Motivational workshops and talks for companies, executives and teams

For businesses, public and private institutions, social organizations who wish to enhance their leadership teams and a work culture centered on dialogue, respect and responsibility. We have worked with the company Natura, the Ministry of Economy, the Association of wives of chileans diplomats and institutions like the University Andres Bello, etc.

Workshop for Social Leaders and Health Personnel

Many of the people working in the social area by helping others, feel themselves worn out and frustrated by the demands of their work and the slowness with which changes occur. The Bodhisattva Training Workshop is a change of view, to provide tools to improve and make more efficient social action from their personal change.

We develop workshops with the Community Health Network of Chiloe and the Department of Health in Quinchao, with the support of Avina, professionals, local technicians, and Huilliche healers found tools to strengthen their commitment to create better links with each other, and work their own wear and insulation.

Workshop for Mapuche leader women

The Araucania is a place that has been marked by conflict since the birth of our Republic. With the support of the Natura company we did a workshop for Mapuche community leaders, which deliver development tools and personal transformation so that they could identify and overcome their difficulties, triggering profound changes in them. It created a space of deep, sincere, affective and effective dialogue, which provided the reconnection with the sense of social work as part of the Mapuche tradition, and its ability to resolve conflicts from a fair and respectful attitude.

Workshops for General Public

Aimed at all those committed to their own personal transformation, seeking a positive impact in all areas.