Peace Educators Program

It is an undeniable fact that today in many schools, especially those working in the most vulnerable sectors of society, is experienced a reality marked by violent practices, such as bullying, discrimination and intolerance. Our young people need to find new relationship models which facilitate the display of their full potential, and a healthy and sustainable way of living inside the school.

This program is aimed at students and teachers in order to form truly Educators for Peace, people capable of guide the rest of the community to a school culture based on dialogue, respect for diversity, peace, compassion and responsibility (at an individual, social and environmental level).

Fundación Origen implemented this program two years ago with students from the Agroecological School of Pirque. A group of 21 students from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th class is chosen for their positive leadership within the school community, ie, behavior, attitude towards others and personality traits.

This group made a deep work, which began with the Bodhisattva Peace Training, in which they participated, and has continued over the years with other follow-up workshops and conferences. As a result of the transformation experienced, our Peace Educators Program has strengthened their positive leadership skills, inspiring and advising their colleagues, families and friends, and serving as school mediators to conflicts, with excellent results.

If you are interested in promoting a similar program at your school, please contact: