Bodhisattva Peace Training

Practices for Peace and Altruistic Action

Workshops based on “The Bodhisattva Training, Practices for Peace and Altruistic Action” are intended to provide specific tools of personal transformation for a coexistence based on peace. Through this training we help people so they can cultivate in them the qualities that are the basis for lasting happiness, while also neutralizing those negative emotions and habits that perpetuate their suffering. The change of view which facilitates the workshop can strengthen dialogue and peaceful relations,providing a method for preventing and resolving conflicts, developing a state of inner peace, even in complex situations and environments.

Work Methodology

Our methodology is fully inclusive and non-denominational. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche developed this method, so that people of all faiths can benefit from the teachings of Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices, that have been passed from teacher tostudent for over 2,500 years, and whose results have proven effective and durable.

Mary Anne Müller has been authorized to teach this method after a long training that involves conceptual training and personal practice of meditation. Although Buddhism is the source, this methodology is fully inclusive and non-denominational.

Although there are clear guidelines, each workshop is unique, because beyond the delivery of concepts, it establishes a meeting place for profound dialogue. The proposed work includes contemplation and meditation exercises for emotional handling and a training to behave from peaceful reflexes.

The training includes contents like:

  • Wisdom and happiness to find release through the path of the Bodhisattva (Sanskrit: Bodhi refers to the mind of wisdom and Sattva translates as hero). We start this journey with the sincere desire to develop the qualities that allow us to release all the suffering, including ourselves.
  • Discover the principle of intrinsic goodness inherent in all beings.
  • Raise Fairness, Compassion, Love and Joy.
  • Tame our mind by managing the harmful emotions in a sane way.
  • Practices of Meditation and Contemplation: incorporate concepts through practice.
  • The nature of our mind poisons and their antidotes.
  • Transform us into a whole being and inspire others to be.
  • The causes or roots of happiness and suffering.

See the Bodhisattva Peace Training Booklet