Peace Institute

Our planet requires more than ever leaders in each family, community, company, and state to commit to a more inclusive, peaceful, innovative and responsible world, not only at individual level but also at a social and an environmental level. We feel that this commitment must be translated into concrete actions that have great impact on people, relationships and the environment where they develop, in order to achieve real, lasting changes.

A culture of peace is not only matter of political or economic decisions, is above all a change in the point of view of the individual, from the search for self-satisfaction and well being, to the inclusion of the Other as a being who also seeks his happiness and understands that this is not possible in isolation. As long as our decisions provide for the welfare of most beings as much as possible, the change humanity needs will be achieved.

This is the working approach we have adopted at the Peace Institute, which focuses on educating youth and adults beyond the school.

Currently the Institute of Peace develops the following activities:

  • Workshops based on the methodology “Bodhisattva Training, Practices for Peace andAltruistic Action”
  • Promotes the sustainable educational model of the Agroecological School.
  • Trains in conflict mediation, personal and organizational development.
  • Delivers job training and professional consulting in organic agriculture, processing of agricultural products and agrotourism.

The activities currently underway in the offices that the Foundation has in Pirque. However, in the near future the Institute headquarters will move to the town of Rio Claro in the Maule District. There, our institution bought a field of 106 hectares of land to generate a space where people can work in community and implement what they learn. There will also be extensively developed the bio-intensive farming, as well as new projects to maintain the sustainability of our organization.