Subjets of Study


To achieve the goal of re-direct the educational management in the school this program has a duration of two years.

The work methodology considers attending days with stay on a boarding house basis. It requires the participating teachers to stay a week in the educational precincts of the Pique Agro-Ecological School, in order that they achieve a total immersion in the life and culture of the School.

The program of the School of Teachers is organized around major subject areas from which contents are developed based on proposed learning modules.

Thematic Areas of the Curriculum
Personal transformation of the team towards a Leadership for Peace and Holistic Education.
To project the school´s transformation towards an excellent educational level
The building of a mission and a vision of the school with an holistic approach
Management and sustainability
Inclusion, efficiency and innovation as all pervasive criteria
Holistic education and an interdisciplinary curriculum
Holistic education and creative leadership
Holistic education and the building of a shared vision
Basis for the strengthening of school culture and a sustainable living
Innovative methodologies for classroom work.
Agro-Ecology and Sustainable Development
Supportive community and network of teachers