Communication, Application & Selection

Since year 2011, 455 headmasters and teachers have attended the training in the Sustainable Education Program, completing thus the total of Natura’s scholarships.

We are now applying to different funds to go on with the Program from begining 2017 on. Also, the Education Departement of the communes can finance with their own funds the training of the headmasters and teachers of their schools.

Applications are done through the registration form, in which teachers and principals will have to fill in their data and send it by email to the offices of the School of Teachers / PES.

Selection Criteria: The program’s goal is to benefit applicants who work in schools with high levels of vulnerability. The principle of non-cost education, as to the relationship “non-cost/pay grade” is regarded in the following way: the greater degree of free service for students, the more points are assigned. Accessibility will also be a regarded criteria i.e. the location where the establishment is located.

If you want to receive more information about the Program, please write to us at, indicating:

•Applicant name
•Name of the school and its characteristics
•Assignment taught and, if executive, role in school
•School address
•Telephone contact