Origen Sustainable Education

The Origen School for Teachers for an Holistic and Sustainable Education

The Origen School for Teachers was born as an answer to the national need of teachers to be trained with a holistic approach. Despite the crisis of education in Chile and the large number of educational trainings that have taken place over the past years, this perspective had not been addressed till when we did it 5 years ago. We believe that the holistic perspective of education –which strives to account for all dimensions of the human being- together with the vision of sustainable development, is a precise alternative for improving the quality of education in our country.  The School of teachers is based on the experience and expertise that Fundación Origen has consolidated through twenty five years of systematic work in the Pirque Agro-Ecological School which, on the basis of the holistic model, has been the scene of significant achievements.

With the School of Teachers we are making a contribution to the many schools, headmasters and teachers than can benefit from our model, being trained as to deliver a more humane and transforming education to thousands of students who seek a place to develop their potential.

This program was born out of the alliance between Fundación Origen and cosmetics company Natura, which has supported for five years the teaching teams working in highly vulnerable schools through a system of scholarships.

The recipients of this program are the teachers and the directive teams of Primary and Secondary educational units all across our country, particularly those working in environments and with students in social vulnerability. The aim of the program is to generate a transforming effect on its recipients, enabling them re-direct their educational processes in pursuit of greater quality and equity. It is therefore essential that the participating schools sign in the program with working teams, for we know from past experience that training a single teacher does not allow a change in management and focus of your school.

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