Origen Market construction in progress

Thanks to our association with the Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario -INDAP- from the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture (www.indap.gob.cl), and to the generous donations of some very good old friends, one of our latest dreams is becoming true!

In a couple of months we will be opening our Origen Market that will be a meeting place for small local producers and the community, and there Fundación Origen will sell its agroecological products from the orchard, goat cheese made with the milk of our happy goats, homemade marmalade,  honey, ceramics, amongst others.

This market will be a place for fair trade: we will ask the local farmers to produce what we need – in this way they will have their production sold for certain-, and the community will be able to buy good quality, fresh products at fair prices.

All the benefits will go directly to the educational projects of the Foundation.

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