Who we are

We are a team of people coming from the area of Social Entrepreneurship, leaded by a Board and Mary Anne Müller, founder and Executive Director of Fundación Origen. The team is nowadays formed by 98 people, including Roberto Miranda, Lucía Fritz and Antonia Ulloa, the leading group that has been since the beginning of the foundation in 1991. Our founder partner was Ignacio Walker Concha, who donated the lands that enabled us to start our project.

¿What is our motivation?

In a world gripped by water and food shortage, in which financial crisis puts humanity in uncertainty, in short, in a transforming world that asks us to readjust our attitude towards environmental issues, we feel the necessity to look through the current educational and development models in order to propose new directions for future generations. Contemporary society has marginalized many people, leaving them with no opportunity for development, generating huge distances and frustrations. Prejudice, the exclusion of minorities (that are actual majorities) and the lack of compassion with human suffering tend to be the causes for the different expressions of violence, particularly resulting in socially vulnerable worlds and, more generally, in problems that affect all of mankind.

We believe in going beyond the relieving of symptoms: for us it is fundamental to heal the causes. We witness, for example, the growing amount of funds being dedicated to battle delinquency instead of looking for inclusive ways of effectively dealing with it through work and educational programs in accordance to the specific reality of every human group. We hear so repeatedly of the struggle against poverty, against violence, against drugs, but seldom is it aimed to the deepness of persons, to their complex personal story hidden behind statistics. We are in the decisive moment to act and to restrain the damage to our environment; it is our own selfishness and greed, nevertheless, what keeps us handing out our responsibility to others. Regardless of many good intentions, the sum of our actions has not yet ceased to be the cause of suffering for many beings.

As active members of society, we make ourselves responsible of participating and proposing new ways of coexistence that can pull out the roots of unbalance. We strive to develop our projects from an unbiased reflection, from the real desire to end the suffering of everybody without exception. We work committed to propose concrete ways of action to achieve transformation,trusting in the potential of every being to achieve it.