Our Values

Spirituality, autonomy and responsibility make up the basis of its teaching, and are certainly the reason for its success.

The fundamental values that impel Fundación Origen are:

  • The search for Peace in everything we attempt and as a central axis of our educational model.
  • Respect for and commitment to all feeling beings and our environment.
  • Equanimity or equality, because we believe that all human beings deserve dignified living conditions, and access to Health and Education.
  • Compassion, seen as the desire for others to stop suffering.
  • Love, as the desire for others to be happy.
  • Joy, or rejoicing in the happiness of others.
  • Generosity as a practice of life.
  • Respect for diversity.
  • Desire for Improvement.

We also admit that all our actions have effects, and therefore we are all jointly responsible and creators of what happens in our institutions and in our lives.

We value spirituality as a connection with all forms of life, honoring diversity in unity.