Our Partners & Friends

Most of the our Foundation`s work has been made possible thanks to the generous support of people, companies and institutions that have believed in our project. With the passing of years and the increasing evidence our model`s efficiency, many of our partners have become true friends that have stand beside us year after year, fundamental for our development and current sustainability.

We are infinitely thankful with all.

Today our partners are:

• Chilean Ministry of Edu­ca­tion

• The Resource Foun­da­tion (USA)

• Inter­vine -Colleen May & Michael Bork (USA)

• Patri­cia Lede­rer e Hijos (Chile)

• John­son & John­son (USA)

• Fundación Mar Adentro (Chile)

• Siemens-Stiftung Fundation (Germany)

They have contributed in the past:

• Ashoka (USA) • CCU (Chile)
• Muni­ci­pa­li­dad de Puente Alto (Chile) • Fra­nçois Meyer & Yvonne Waters
• Euro­pean Com­mu­nity (CEE) • Kellogg Foun­da­tion (USA)
• Citi­group Foun­da­tion (USA) • The Prem Rawat Foun­da­tion (USA)
• Pfi­zer Foun­da­tion (USA) • Sedg­man (Tom & Jea­nine Meakin)
• Bay & Paul Foun­da­tions (USA) • Fun­da­ción Codespa (Spain)
• Fun­da­ción Andes (Chile) • Fun­deso (Spain)
• Aguas Andinas-AGBAR (Spain) • Cooperation Fund Canada
• Sch­wab Foun­da­tion (Switzerland) • Cooperation Fund Germany
• The Saville Foundation (Africa) • Cooperation Fund Spain
• Fun­da­ción AVINA (Switzerland) • The May Foun­da­tion (USA)