Mission & Vision

Our vision of education is inclusive and holistic, respectful and appreciative of diversity, showing the possibility of a better quality of life in all its range, integrating what is material, affective and spiritual. We understand that a high quality education is the one occupied in developing every dimension of the person, basing itself on being empathetic with his or her specific reality, without any discrimination whatsoever. To educate from an holistic perspective generates an unavoidable sense of personal, social and environmental responsibility.

Our mission is to transmit this vision, offering a high quality and cost-free education for youngsters and adults in situation of social vulnerability. For that, we have developed a multi-dimensional educational model and a school culture that facilitates a process ofintegral transformation in our students. Together with the delivery of cognitive, affective, social and spiritual tools, to live this transformation allows the students to fully develop in the world we live in.The axis of our educational model is the search for a culture of peace, based on love and compassion towards all beings, and a sustainable coexistence centered in inclusion, respect, communication and adequate prevention and settlement of conflicts, whether personal or at school level.

Our model also adopts the Agro-Ecological vision, which considers agricultural activity in a holistic way, applying the ecological concepts and principles in the design and management of sustainable agro-ecosystems. This vision not only impregnates the technical education our students receive, but also our project as a whole. Wehavedeveloped a modelthatis inclusive, “sociallyjust, economicallyreliable, ecologicallyhealthyand at thesame time culturallyacceptable”, in accordancewiththeprinciplesof Agro-ecology as defined by Miguel AngelAltieri.We have achieved that economical sustainability thanks to an ordered and transparent financial management, controlling of risks, not getting into debt beyond our capacities and practicing efficiency to obtain the best possible profitability out of our resources. We strongly believe in social investment beyond charity; this is why we have developed every one of our productive projects.

At the time of implementing our model we have realized the importance of integrating beauty in our gardens and installations, stimulating youngsters to transform their own worlds. Most of our students come from poverty environments that are usually homogeneous, with no vegetation or positive visual expressions: a reminder of despair and lack of opportunities. To integrate beauty from the first moment and striving tomaintain it has been fundamental when carrying out our mission; this fact is not to be overlooked, and it is important to persevere on it. Although for years our gardens were destroyed and sowed again, nowadays our new students -upon being asked what is it they value most about their school- unanimously answer: “we like it because it is beautiful”.

We believe that every project is fully feasible with no excessive resources. A functional and beautiful building does not necessarily imply great cost; our Foundation has chosen to build simply, organically and with good integration of its surroundings; we have decided for warm and noble materials, in accordance with Chilean rural architecture. We have searched to generate welcoming environments that are both warm and honorable: many youngsters refer their school as their second or first home, some of them call it the only home they have. The choice of every one of the materials that has built up our institutions is impregnated of our quest for meaning and benefit for all beings.

Contrary to what is usually seen and in defiance of lots of prejudice, we have proved that it is possible to offer the free-cost quality education we have the mission of giving. We have achieved this held by our holistic vision, by a professional and committed team, by a creative and innovative management of resources and by the coherence between what is proposed and what is done. When we have had any doubt whatsoever and in every step of our development there are two crucial questions we have never stopped asking ourselves: which option benefits more beings? And, does that option agree with our mission and our values?Asking ourselves these questions has constituted a constant reminder of our mission, positively configuring our community with every decision we have taken. This way, our mission is accomplished day by day in the Agro-ecological School and our vision remains strong and is transmittedto the people we form.

We want our students to graduate expressing their full transformation potential, being protagonists of their lives, men and women more responsible of themselves, with tools and competencies for work and study. Fundamentally, we strive to form happier persons, that is, persons that are emotionally more stable, more supportive and conscious of the others in their environments, exercising at full their power as social transformers.