Fundación Origen

Fundación Origen is a nonprofit institution with the fundamental mission of improving the quality of education through its original programs, promoting Peace Leadership and sustainable development of communities. All of our programs are based in an inclusive and holistic view of education, which grasps the human being in all of his or her diversity.

Our programs are carried out through two institutions. First is the Pirque Agro-Ecological School (EAP), which offers an integral, inclusive and free-of-cost educational space to youths in socially vulnerable situation. EAP aims to develop its students from a holistic perspective of education, taking in and developing all of the person`s dimensions, that is, not only their cognitive ones, but also their emotional, spiritual and creative ones.

Through the work of School for Leadership for Peace and Sustainable Development we aim to diffuse and develop a culture of peace and sustainability. This is done through the transference of our educational and management model and through the courses and workshops we point to people and institutions who wish to help building a more inclusive and harmonic society that is responsible in individual, social and environmental terms.

We believe that more compassionate, sustainable, inclusive and respectful worlds can be projected. We believe that the quest for happiness exists in every being and that it is possible to methodically cultivate its causes, thus attaining it. Although we are not a denominational institution, we do strive to cultivate the qualities of Compassion, Love, Equanimity and Joy according to the Buddhist point of view; the search of peace is the axis of our work.

Complementing our programs, we have developed a sustainability model that enables us to generate the resources needed to maintain the cost-free quality of our School and to fulfill the mission we have undertaken.

During our growth as a Foundation it has been fundamental to understand our venture as social enterprising and to considerate the donations as social investment. The support received has become the projects and ways of action that have enabled us to finance our task and to pass on to our students the value of work as a mean to overcome poverty.

Through nearly two decades of existence we have made clear that it is possible to educate in an inclusive way, with love and respect, providing the values and principles that can establish the base for an enduring happiness and promote a culture of work and responsibility with one self and others. Our work has been recognized by foundations such as Ashoka, Avina and The Resource Foundation, making us receivers of “The Social Entrepeneurs of 2007” Prize, given by Schwab Foundation and El Mercurio.