Dentist Program

Over 120 students of our Agro-Ecological School have benefitted from the Dentist program that provides free dental health for youths who do not have enough economical resources for financing a dental treatment.

Dr. Lucia Sandoval Gouet started this program in our school 5 years ago; she comes at the beginning of each year and makes a diagnosis of the students who have inscribed themselves. She counts on a net of dentists who treat these youths for free, and send the students to them. The students are treated till they turn 18 and the program includes preventive checks every 6 months.

“As soon as we started seeing children of the EAP we came upon many happy surprises. The first is that the youths are very polite, friendly and especially cooperative in every visit we have made. We have also been happy to notice that they are children with very few cavities, probably due to the kind of food they eat at the school, much more healthy and balanced, no junk food. Something very special has also happened:every single dentist that has seen children from EAP has loved them,  and some who were originally not involved in the program have asked me to join the initiative! “, says Dr. Sandoval.

Treatment is completely free, and professionals participating in the program donate their time and medical resources for the benefit of their patients.

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