Casa Origen B&B and Events Center

“Super, extraordinary! The staff is adorable! Excellent cuisine and hospitality. Thank you.”

Nathalie J. and Jacques S. / Quebec, Canada

A rural refuge

In Casa Origen you will live an experience that combines warmth and tradition with a friendly service for the whole family. Our rooms are spacious and warm to rest in, for a retreat, work and/or a healing treatment.
We offer programs that include massages, vegetable garden classes, revitalizing and detox diets, meditation, pottery and healthy cooking workshops.
We can host up to 40 people in double and triple rooms, all with private bathroom.

From the vegetable garden to the table

We prepare fresh and natural products with vegetables from our organic vegetable garden, blue eggs, cheese made with the milk of happy goats and all the best of each season.
You will wake up with the aromas of freshly baked bread and cakes made for the famous Casa Origen breakfast.
We also offer lunch and diner with Chilean and Mediterranean healthy cuisine.

Casa Origen belongs to the Origen Foundation and is one of the projects that guarantee its sustentability. By hiring our services you are contributing to finance the educational programs of the Foundation.

Our products are sold at the Foundation from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays, from 9am to 1pm.

Reservations and more information:

+ 56 22 8495043  y  22 8531818
Virginia Subercaseaux 2450, Pirque


  1. admin says:

    My group was thrilled Many thanks! Great food, beautiful space, wonderful mission. My group was delighted! Many thanks. Great food, beautiful setting, wonderful mission.

    Dean Dalton
    Art Travel Group

  2. admin says:

    We visited the Pirque Agro-Ecological School with our daughter. It is a very special educational model that teaches life skills and healing practices of the land. We are fortunate to have had this opportunity. Good luck with everything you do. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience that brings warmth to the heart.

    The Barron family

  3. admin says:

    No words can express the amount of gratitude we have felt when seeing a dream made an unsurpassable reality. From our first consultation until the last day we stayed with you the staff was excellent. Thank you for your hospitality and for making us feel at home. We will come back soon!

    Claudia L. And Sergio S.

  4. admin says:

    We had the best time. Everyone was so nice and helpful to us. The food was delicious. We hate to leave. We are so glad we found this “jewel” of a hotel. Thanks for making our stay so pleasant.Thanks

    Nancy and Bill

  5. admin says:

    My dear friends of Villa Virginia:

    I am all praise and love for you and your magical place!The nature of the surroundings and the atmosphere of peace and love you immerse us with will leave any person energized and soothed.Regarding your Fundación Orígen and the Pirque Agro-Ecological School: they are something that should be repeated, always and everywhere, as we say in Rio de Janeiro, it is the water dropthat a humming bird carries to extinguish the fire in the woods. May God bless you, always,

    Isabel & Carlos

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