Students Council

The Students Council is an organization of students whose purpose is to serve students, according to the purposes of the establishment and within the rules of school organization, as a means to develop reflective thinking, critical judgment, and will of action. It is also vital to train young people for democratic life and prepare them to participate in cultural and social changes.

Current Directive of the Students Council:

Students Councils are typically composed of the following organizations:

  • The General Assembly: is constituted by all students of the institution. It is responsible for: 1) Call elections for the Student Council. 2) To elect the Election Board. 3) To approve the Internal Regulations of the Students Council.
  • The Directive: is composed of a President , a Vice Chairman, an Executive Secretary, a Secretary of Finance and a Recording Secretary. It is responsible for: 1) Direct and administer the Students Council. 2) Develop and implement the work plan of the Students Council. 3) Represents the Student Council at various authorities and organisms (Headmaster, Teachers Council, School Board, etc.).
  • The Council of Delegates from each class: It is formed by up to three delegates from each class. The Chairman/Chairwoman of each class will be in its own right one of these delegates. It is responsible for: 1) Develop the Internal Code of the Students Council. 2)Approve the Annual Work and Budget Plan presented by the Directive of the StudentsCouncil. 3) Report and consider the proposals from the different classes and student groups
  • The Class Council : It is composed of all the students of each class. It is organized democratically, it choose its directors and representatives in the presence of the Council of class Delegates, and participate actively in the work plans prepared by the various bodies of the Student Council.
  • The Electoral Board: consists of at least three members, none of which may be part of the Directive, the Council of Delegates or the bodies and commissions created by this. It is up to organize, supervise and qualify all election processes.

Directive Election

The Student Council Directive is elected annually by universal, one-man, secret and informed suffrage, within 45 days before the end of the school year or within the first 45 days of starting the school year, as determined by the rules of procedure Student Council of the educational establishment concerned. To apply for positions at the CouncilDirective, the candidate must meet two requirements:

  • Have at least six months in the establishment at time of application.
  • Not having been dismissed from any position of the Student Council for violation of its regulations.


An establishment can not prohibit the establishment of the Student Council. The right of the students to form a Student Council is guaranteed in the Constitution, which provides for freedom of association (Art. 19 N º 15), and is regulated by the Decree No. 524 of 1990 (amended 2006), which states in its 1° Article: “In any establishment shall be denied the establishment and operation of a Student Council.”

The directive of the establishment can not intervene in the election of Directive StudentCouncil. The Electoral Board is the agency responsible to organize, supervise and qualify all election processes to be carried out in the Student Council.

For more information see:

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