School Culture

The creation of culture is inherent in the activity of human groups, from countries to families, we are all embedded in it. By way of chinese boxes, culture shapes the relationships among its members, creates a sense of belonging and establishes guidelines for acting in accordance with its principles.

Schools, as institutionalized human groups for specific purposes, are creators of culture to the extent that constitute horizons of meaning for their members, acting at the same time as spaces for interaction. Each school has its own school culture which is part of the school culture of a country, a continent, and ultimately the planet. This can be seen as a kind of seal passed from generation to generation, and can also be rebuilt and rearticulated as generations pass, as human beings themselves are those who create and are affected by culture.

In the EAP the school culture involves aspects of the learning and the curriculum, of the rules and behavior of all agents. Added to this are the ceremonies, traditions and rituals that are performed during the year. However, it is held primarily in the shared values and mission of the institution, which gives meaning to the events of daily life and permeates relations between its members.

A strong school culture based on peace and sustainable development, has proved central to the success of our educational model, as it is known and shared by all members of the community.

Many of our students do not have strong bonds of belonging, family or environments which grant life meaning according to a clear valoric pattern. By contrast, stories abound of mistreatment, exclusion, poverty, violence and lack of opportunities.

School then becomes a protected space and a guidance for its students, strengthening in them the dignity, autonomy, responsibility, pride in doing things right, and the confidence in themselves and in their full potential. This is fundamental in the development stage where our young people are (between 13 and 19 years), where they are forming a separate identity and taking their first steps towards building their future. Their passage through the school gives them the certainty that they can achieve in their life whatever they intend, without a “ceiling” to limit them, and that with hard work, perseverance and responsibility they can turn their dreams into reality. Here are the opportunities for it.

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