The direction of a school is essential to the success of the educational project. Is not the only, but one very important. Just as has happened in the whole process of formation of the School, the way we manage and direct it has varied over time. Perhaps here lies one of its main strengths: as any process that involves people, it is not something that can be done from the theory alone. It can not be imposed “by decree”; on the contrary, our history of success has been the result of the interaction of every need from everyone involved in the dynamics of the establishment, as well as socio-cultural changes the country has experienced. The only thing that has not changed and which is the focus that guides all decisions, even if the methods were different, is our mission as an institution: to provide quality education to those most in need. With that as our guide, there is no way wrong.

School management is in the hands of the management team, consisting of the Director, the Inspector, the Head of the Pedagogical Technical Unit, the Counselor and the Head of each department. Every one of them have degrees of autonomy to manage their work area as best as possible. There are, as in all organizations, levels of authority and decision-making goes not down from an imposing look, but neither “laissez fair”. They value the opinion of each, and everyone has the right to be heard, even if decisions, depending on the impact they have, are made by those representing the highest authority.

What is interesting about our model is that these people -which also included the executive directors of the Fundación Origen -not do their work enclosed in four walls; on the contrary, they maintain close contact with teachers, parents and especially students who feel they can trust them and share issues related to school, personal and even to those typical of adolescence. The parental relationship is fluid and does not refer exclusively to the parents meetings at the end of each month. The door of the school is open to parents and representatives, and both teachers and management staff are willing to talk with them.

The teaching team also keeps a close collaborative link for the best educational performance of its duties, always looking for better ways and practices to ensure that students learn and develop to their full potential.

In the attached manual, detailed information how our management policy. We hope you find it a way to exercise quality, participatory, and deeply human leadership.

For more information see:

Manual de Ges­tión Directiva.