Integral Support

Education for us focuses not only on the teaching and learning of our students, but also take care of other aspects of their development as people. To the extent that we address each in its specificity and are able to give them full attention according to their needs, we can deepen their learning process as human beings for the sake of expressing their full potential.

Although our students have a normal profile, the fact is that each of them is an individual with particular characteristics, and will have to live also specific contexts and circumstances; their reactions to stimuli are therefore also different, as well as the way they will have to face the learning of content, link with the rest of the society and build the school culture.

Pirque Agroecological School has developed a model to provide this comprehensive care to their students. This involves the work of several professionals who do not act separately but in synergy with each other, complementing the training curriculum with a sustainable school coexistence.

In charge of this aspect of the educative task is the work of:

Inspectora General should include students and talk with them when they have a conflict. Also mediates when there are discrepancies with the teachers and parents. It is also responsible for providing first aid when an accident occurs and care for students when they have an illness or health problem.

Floral Therapist that serves our students and staff throughout the year, helping them to resolve individual and interpersonal disputes with the Bach Flower remedies.

Counselor who works with the inspector and floral therapist by providing psycho-emotional support to students, as well as advice in the areas of sexuality, pregnancy and vocacional guidance.

Special needs educator who is in charge of the Learning Workshop accompanying those students with special educational needs in their integration process, and providing tools for them to learn and express themselves both in the classroom, as within the school community.

A teacher in charge of the Interior Ecology Workshop: this important educational innovation is the instance in which students train those values that underpin our work, while receiving the tools to develop their spiritual and emotional dimension.

Teaching staff and managers, both teachers and management teams are open to listening and advising students, contain them when they are in trouble and needed. They help them at this stage of their lives.

The model we have developed is also consistent with our values ??and our mission. We use complementary healing systems such as Bach Flowers, Reiki, aromatherapy and herbal medicine as methods of work and healing. But most important is the commitment of all those who are part of this, to exhaust the instances of working with students, so they can open to a process of personal transformation that leads them to be happier, by expressing their full potential.

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