Admission Process & Qualification

As of September begins the application system and subsequent selection of new students in the EAP. Given that for over 10 years the dropout has been almost 0%, only 120 seats are opened for the 1st year of highschool.


To apply, students must come accompanied by their guardians and bring a personality report and the report card of the first semester.

Once registered, applicants must attend an interview, along with their guardians, where they talk topics related to their family environment, study habits, educational background, agricultural vocation and the expectations they have about the school.

They must also render an admission test in language and mathematics (which operates more as a diagnostic test) as well as pedagogical evaluation.

Since the mission of our school is to provide an educational space for young people who need it most, the selection criterion favors students who have a higher rate of vulnerability which is measured under the following criteria: and economical, emotional, health It also takes into account the district from which they come, their academic performance and evaluation tests obtained on admission and the presence of educational problems or health situations or their own families.

Titling process

As Technical Professional High School, students must do an internship for the mid-level Technical Agriculture degree, recognized by the Ministry of Education Chile. This practice last 450 work hours and the students have one year to do it, after graduate from their last year.

The school has several friend companies in all agricultural areas which offer places for the students’ internships, some of them are paid and others not. At the time of registration which occurs in December, once finished their senior year of high school, students give their preferences and possibilities to be approved by the school. If the student does not get an internship job, the school supports him to obtain one within their area of interest. If for two months the student could not find a practice, then the school allocate them.

When they finish, all students in practice must make a presentation to 3rd and 4th degree fellows both the technical and business experience. It is intended this to be an instance for dialogue, share experiences and where young people can exchange their firsthand impressions about the working environments: like what caught their attention, what was difficult, what advice they can deliver, and so on.

Once the practice is approved, the student is ready to receive his title at an official ceremony.