Agroecological School of Pirque

Pirque Agroecological School opened in 1991 and since then more than 2,000 students have passed through its halls, of them 100% has succesfully graduated and 75% graduated as Agricultural Technician, finding a job opportunity immediately after graduation. Currently attends 430 secondary students.

Throughout our history, we have developed an educational methodology based on a culture of peace through respect, agreements and confidence in students. Supported by a solid set of values ??and a vision of sustainable school life, we have been inculcating in youth a sense of dignity, self-discipline and responsibility to themselves and their school. The results are completely different from the usual statistics for students at state of social vulnerability in Chile.

Our educational approach is holistic in the full sense of the term. This means that we care about our students’ development in the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual level.

From this perspective we value spirituality as a connection with all forms of life, honoring the diversity within unity. We do not discriminate our students by social, economic, or cultural issues. Our model starts with the recognition of inequalities and supports, therefore, those who need it most.

We deliver technical professional education in organic agriculture, to train young people in a profession that allows them to break the cycle of poverty more empowered and with a clear environmental conscience. Also, we look after the developing of their cognitive skills, and value-laden practices that favor their employment, social and cultural development. Since 2008 we are part of the selected group of the Excellence Schools from the Ministry of Education, a recognition awarded by the National System of Performance and Assessments to those establishments that are noted for educational achievement and professionalism of its teachers and educational assistants.

We educate to develop self-management and entrepreneurial skills. We want our students to be able to generate their own sources of employment and become social transformers. To do this we integrate financial education, job training, work practices and employability skills into our curriculum.

Many of our students come from environments where violence is the norm, so we believe that the school must be a space for peace. We incorporate active nonviolence and self-discipline into school education, achieving a climate of respect, essential for learning. For this we promote horizontal dialogue between students, teachers and administrators as a way to resolve conflicts and make decisions. This dialogue connects people to each other; it also is the foundation of the participation of the school community and its peaceful coexistence and is the cornerstone of a system based on trust.

However, our main motivation is to educate healthier and happier young people; that is why, in addition to require from them academic results and prepare them to go to work, we offer them the tools to manage and develop their emotional and spiritual dimensions. Therefore, the School has clases in Comparative Religions and Interior Ecology, where we promote respect for all beings and spiritual development through meditation techniques, body work, personal and group development and self-care. Through workshops based on the Bodhisattva Peace Training taught in our Foundation, students and teachers incorporate tools to unlock their full potential so they can help others more effectively.

Finally and in order to respond to the needs of our students, we innovate continuously in methodologies for a more effective learning through experience, through an inclusive and flexible curriculum which integrates a wide diversity of views.

We invite you to know in depth the way we develop our educational work, implementing it in the everyday the values and purposes that guides us.